Top 10

Being specialized on works written or available in Russian language
by authors, be they from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Georgia or anywhere else in the world,
it is not so much the number of sold copies, but the number of translations showing the success.

See here the most successful authors from the agency’s active representations,
sorted by the number of their translations in general.
Often an author has more than one title sold per language, collective publications or magazines not counted.

All in all the agency is selling its author’s rights to over 30 foreign language markets.

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Olga Slavnikova

20 languages

Arabic Estonian Italian Polish Slovak
Chinese French Japanese Portuguese Slovenian
Croatian German Lithuanian Romanian Swedish
English Hungarian Macedonian Serbian Vietnamese

Pavel Basinski

17 languages

Arabic English Latvian Polish Slovenian
Armenian German Lithuanian Portuguese
Bulgarian Hebrew Macedonian Romanian
Chinese Italian Mongolian Serbian

Leonid Yuzefovich

15 languages

Armenian Estonian German Romanian
Bulgarian French Italian Serbian
Chinese German Mongolian Spanish
English Greek Polish

Sergii Rudenko

14 languages

Czech Georgian Norwegian Slovak
Dutch German Polish Spanish
Estonian Hungarian Portuguese
Finnish Lithuanian Romanian

Evgeni Grishkovets

14 languages

Bulgarian French Korean Spanish
Czech German Latvian Swedish
Croatian Hungarian Norwegian
Estonian Italian Serbian

Roman Senchin

14 languages

Arabic Finnish Italian Serbian
Bulgarian French Japanese Swedish
Chinese Hindi Macedonian
Dutch Hungarian Polish

Oleg Pavlov

10 languages

Chinese Hungarian Polish
Croatian Italian Serbian
English Macedonian
French Dutch

Sergei Loiko

10 languages

Chinese Estonian Polish
Czech Georgian Ukrainian
Dutch Latvian
English Lithuanian

Eduard Kochergin

8 languages

Czech French
English German
Estonian Norwegian
Finnish Polish

Aleksei Ivanov

7 languages

Arabic French
Czech Italian
English Serbian

Grigori Kanovich

7 languages

Albanian Lithuanian
Bosnian Macedonian
English Polish